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By 1934, 83% of Alabama land was damaged due to erosion. Conservation
Districts were born out of necessity in the 1930's Dust Bowl when America's
topsoil rapidly eroded. With the help of the "Father of Soil Conservation" Hugh
Hammond Bennett, Congress declared...


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The District is responsible for carrying out conservation stewardship programs as they relate to the current Farm Bill. The District has a close working relationship with the USDA-NRCS helping to carry out these programs together. The District also has a few conservation programs of their own that are conducted with the assistance of NRCS.  

The District also hosts several educational events for students and adults. 


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Urban Forestry & Conservation Fair

February TBA | Held on the last week of February in conjunction with Alabama's Arbor Week, the Fair brings 5th grade classes to downtown Birmingham to explore their urban environment. Contact the District to receive registration details. 


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Water Festival 


Spring TBA | The District hosts this field trip, held at Samford University each year for fourth grades. The field trip brings volunteering agencies and organizations to teach students about the water cycle, where our drinking water comes from and how we treat it. 


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NACD Stewardship Poster Contest 

March TBA | A poster contest held for grades 7 to 12. The NACD sets the theme each year for students to illustrate their perspectives and potentially win prize money. Check with the District to receive the official rules and theme information. 


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